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February 18th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

A new survey by the consumer magazine Which says south east commuters are the “least satisfied” with their rail service.

Only 48% of Southern customers said they were satisfied, while Southeastern came joint bottom, alongside Thameslink & Great Northern, with scores of just 46%.

Travellers citied overcrowding as a significant issues, with poor value for money and dirty trains adding to the misery of the daily commute.

The rail provider with the top score was Grand Central, which operates on the East Coast Main Line, with 79% satisfaction points, just ahead of Hull with 73%.

Of the more than 6,000 passengers polled a third had experienced delays on their most recent journey, and Southern was again amongst the worst-performing.

A Department of Transport spokesman said by way of comment on the figures that “record amounts” are being invested to help transform the UK’s busiest rail routes and the Department is working with the industry to pay compensation for delays of 15 minutes, rather than the present 30 minute limit.



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July 23rd, 2015 by eastgrinsteadonline


Above: a group of Travellers who camped out on King George’s field recently, left the following day. Photo Roy Henderson

A group of travellers has set up camp in a field between Felbridge and Newchapel.

They are reported to have arrived last night in a field off Wire Mill Lane, near the Wire Mill pub, with several cars and caravans

A spokesman for Tandridge Council said they are aware of the incident and are liaising with Surrey Police to resolve the situation.


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June 26th, 2015 by eastgrinsteadonline

CIVZGFvXAAAk9hfTHE travellers who have been camped on King George’s field since late on Wednesday evening have now moved, on leaving behind bags of rubbish.

Photo Roy Henderson

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June 25th, 2015 by eastgrinsteadonline

IMG_2797 11650850_10206930186117613_712502456_nTHERE are currently about  20 caravans and their attendant cars parked on King George’s field, in a tight huddle at the end near St John’s Road.

The caravans started arriving as darkness fell last night (see right) and it is thought that the group might be the same travellers who were moved on from Turners Hill.

But the scene was one of tranquility under blue summer skies this morning, with no evidence of the travellers themselves, and no police present.

CIVZGFvXAAAk9hfThe vans began arriving on the town centre site at around 9.30pm last night. A second group are encamped on the green at Felbridge.

Neither the police nor Mid Sussex District Council have issued any statement so far about the situation, or when it might be resolved.


Photos above left AboutEG

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June 25th, 2015 by eastgrinsteadonline

Travellers encamped on the King's Car Park

Travellers took over the King Street car park last September

A group of travellers has set up camp on King George’s field overnight.

We understand they began arriving at about 9.30pm and that around 20 caravans with vehicles entered the site opposite St John’s Road.

There are also reports this morning of a second incursion in Felbridge.

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June 24th, 2015 by eastgrinsteadonline

WE have had a report tonight that travellers are pitched at the Kings Centre. More when we have it.

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February 19th, 2015 by eastgrinsteadonline

B-Mln7zIEAAaxonBALDWINS Hill has now reopened after a road traffic accident this morning.

At 7.48am there was a collision between two cars, a red VW Golf and a black VW Golf outside Charters Retirement Village in the Lingfield Road.

A woman driver sustained minor injuries but did not require hospital treatment.

The emergency services who attended the scene are directing traffic around the incident, but the road is passable.

Photo © Deanna Pennington

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January 28th, 2015 by eastgrinsteadonline

IMAG0703PUBLIC protest about the proposal to oust Imberhorne nursery from its home next to the municipal dump in favour of a permanent site for Travellers has forced Mid Sussex District Council to take more time over its Traveller Sites Allocation Document while it reconsiders its shortlisted sites and looks for alternatives.

In a meeting of the Scrutiny Committee for Planning and Economic Development last week, the public’s response to the consultation on the issue of new traveller sites in the District – which included the 2,500 responses to the online petition organised by East Grinstead Online – was described as “significant”.

In all, around 90% of the public responses came from East Grinstead, and almost all of them were in opposition to the use of the land now leased to town trader Michael Dongray (right) of Imberhorne nurseries who would be put out of business.

As a result the Council has agreed to continue its search for other suitable sites in the District, with a view to submitting the Allocation Document to the Secretary of State by November this year.

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September 16th, 2014 by eastgrinsteadonline


Michael Dongray (second from right) presented 5,500 signatures to MSDC yesterday

THE Town Council’s Planning Committee is ‘vehemently opposed’ to Mid Sussex District Council’s proposal to turn the Imberhorne Lane nursery into a permanent site for Travellers.

A packed Council Chamber last night saw committee members almost universally opposed to idea of using the land currently occupied by Michael Dongray’s nursery business for Travellers.

Only Cllr John Saul chose to abstain from the vote which approved the Planning Committee’s ‘vehement opposition’ to the proposal put forward by MSDC as part of their statutory duties towards Travellers in the District.

The Planning Committee’s response detailed a number of objections to the site itself,  and acknowledged the objections of local residents, which have been captured in the 2500-strong petition organised by and the similarly popular print petition, which was circulated around the town and available at the nursery.

Taking inspiration from the Government guidelines for Traveller sites, the Planning Committee issued a point-by-point rebuttal of the site’s suitability.

These points included Government advice that sites should not be sited near refuse tips, or in places that are dangerous to children or close to hazardous materials.

On these three points alone the Imberhorne Lane site fails the test and there were a number of other points where the site is clearly at odds with the guidelines.

During the course of the discussion it was also noted that MSDC CEO Kathryn Hall had made a written apology to Mr Dongray for her poor handling of the initial communication around the proposed Traveller site, and for the fact that MSDC had not sought to contact him before announcing the scheme which would finish his long-established and popular business.

Cllr Osborne made a number of strong points to ensure that the public’s and the Council’s views will be represented throughout the process of Consultation, which could take up to a year and end in a Public Inquiry.

And Council Leader Rex Whittaker calmly and thoroughly explained the need to follow due process, while putting forward the town’s objections at every stage.

After the meeting Mr Dongray said he was relieved to hear the support of the Planning Committee who had worked closely with him to draft the document, and who had listened to the views of the town expressed personally and through the petitions which were presented to Mid Sussex District Council yesterday morning.

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