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March 30th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline
THE upper deck of the station car park deck has been closed by Southern for a structural inspection, following an unspecified “incident” on Monday night.
Photo Roy Henderson

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March 21st, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

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March 8th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline
THE hugely popular Bus Running Day will be back on Sunday 10 April to mark its 21st anniversary in the town. Hop on a vintage bus and take a ride down memory lane along the old routes around East Grinstead and its surrounding villages.
Photo top Simon Kerr

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March 7th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

TODAY’S archive photo, shared by AboutEG’s Roy Henderson, is of the demolition of the town’s last railway station, taken on 15 Jan 2013.

Below: we’ve had a station or two in our time

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March 7th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

EAST Grinstead Town Council has said it will support a call outlined in the Tandridge District Plan for improvements to the Felbridge bottleneck at the A22/A264 junction.

Town Clerk Julie Holden has written to Tandridge to say that East Grinstead Town Council would “strongly support” alternations to ease hold-ups at the busy traffic lights.

“The A22/A264 bottleneck junction is desperately in need of relief. The current junction is assessed as over-capacity and needs attention.

“Encouraging east west travellers or south north travellers to venture in to Tandridge for business or tourism will only happen once this junction and feeder roads are free-flowing.

“Felbridge, Lingfield, Dormans and Blindley Heath are all affected by the poor road system. A solution working cross county is supported.”

Mrs Holden added that that town councillors “strongly urge Tandridge DC to open dialogue” on solutions to the traffic problems saying “It is our belief that to meaningfully deliver any joint solution in the life of your Plan this must be addressed with high importance as soon as possible.”


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March 3rd, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

A lane has been closed on the A22 by St James House which may cause delays, so if you can, avoid the area.

Photo Roy Henderson

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February 29th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

THE first of the new trains to be introduced on the Gatwick Express line between the airport and Victoria station came into service today.

The 27 new Electrostar trains, built in Derby by Bombardier at a cost of £145 million, will replace the 30-year-old rolling stock which currently operates on the route.

The new trains will be phased in gradually over the coming months, and should have completely replaced the old stock my the middle of June.

Manager Chris Lund weclomed the change saying that the new carriages are more spacious. There is more room  inside to move luggage around and  the new  pairs of double doors in each carriage will make it easier for passengers to get on and off.


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February 25th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

SOUTHERN is holding a public consultation over its plans to close railway station ticket offices, including the one at East Grinstead, which would only be open during peak times if the scheme goes ahead.

If you want to register an objection and keep the ticket office open, you need to do so by 13 March on the following links:

London Travel Watch or Transport Focus.

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February 25th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

SOUTHERN had a team of managers at the town railway station this morning to meet commuters on their way to work.

They had advertised their arrival for 7.30am but in the light of protests from passengers saying they hoped to be well on their way by then, the team arrived at  6.30am – but didn’t tell anyone about the change in plan.

AboutEG’s Roy Henderson, who was on the spot for East Grinstead Online this morning, said there were no “raised voices”, despite the frustrations which town commuters face daily from delays, cancellations and staff shortages.

“Commuters asked firm, but mostly polite, questions on a range of issues, including reliability of service, punctuality and staff absence,” said Roy.

“They also raised the non availability – after years of asking – of disabled access to Platform 1 and the car park, and the managers were tackled about the recent downgrading of their Twitter service, which no longer gives out pro-active information on delays and cancellations. ”

* Were you are the station this morning – and did you get the answers you were looking for? Let us know at

Photos Roy Henderson

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February 24th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

SOUTHERN’S Mainline and Coast Passenger Services Director David Scorey and his team will be at East Grinstead railway station from 7.30am to 9.30am tomorrow morning (25 February) to meet commuters and answer their questions.

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February 22nd, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

A reader has alerted us to another nasty pothole in the town – this time on Green Hedges Avenue. It has apparently been repaired once but is now back and bigger than ever, so mind your axles if you are down that way.

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February 19th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

OVERNIGHT frosts have left icy roads this morning.

We have already received reports of one or two minor accidents on Wilderwick Road on the hill near Dormans Park so drive carefully and allow extra time for your journey.

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February 17th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

EAST Grinstead MP Sir Nicholas Soames added his own voice to the storm of anger and frustration which hit Twitter again this morning as the town’s commuters faced cancellations and overcrowded trains on their journey into work.

Sir Nicholas, who has frequently taken up the cudgels on behalf of train travellers, delivered his own damning verdict on Southern’s ongoing woes.

“They are so bad at this,” he said, “they couldn’t really run a bath, let alone a railway.”

Photo Becky Wells 

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February 17th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

TRAIN passenger Becky Wells took to Twitter this morning to express her frustration after two trains out of the town station were cancelled and a third was short-formed.

“There’s not an empty seat leaving East Grinstead,” she said. “Carnage.”

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February 16th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

EAST Grinstead’s ticket office will remain open at peak times under new arrangements being looked at by Southern and GTR to modernise ticket sales.

At other times, ticket sales will be relocated to a “hosting point” on the station concourse, which will be manned.

East Grinstead station falls into the third category of stations being looked at under the new proposals, which will be subject to public consultation before any final decisions are made.

The full list of Southern’s proposals are below:Station-Proposals

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February 15th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

SUSSEX Police have issued shocking video footage of a car flipping on an icy road, to highlight the danger to drivers as temperatures plummet across the county today.

Their message follows two separate incidents in which cars left the road in icy conditions in Alfriston last week.

The two individuals escaped with minor injuries after the vehicles they were driving skidded on ice and left the road at almost exactly the same spot in Alfriston Road.

CCTV footage at the scene captured the moment a silver Citroen Saxo lost control and rolled onto its roof on the side of the road at 8.06am on Thursday.Moments earlier, a green Vauxhall Corsa also left the road following a similar incident at the same spot.

Police have now released CCTV of the second collision to highlight the dangers of microclimates.

Sergeant Dan Pitcher said: “We would urge all motorists to take care on the roads around Sussex, particularly in the icy conditions when some areas can be unpredictable. Listen out for road noise – if this disappears at any stage, it may mean you are driving on ice.

“Also, remember to be aware of microclimates – this is where the road surface may be cooler in certain places, for example on a bridge or in an area which is obviously higher up or more exposed to the elements. With the ground being cooler, this could potentially lead to ice on the road.

“Thankfully the driver of the car captured in this footage – a local woman in her 20s – sustained only minor injuries. It could have been far worse.

“It is advisable that if you are involved in a collision, if you are able to, stand well away from the vehicle and in a position that you are not going to be compromised by vehicles losing control at the same location.”

The Met Office has forecast temperatures as cold as -2 degrees Celsius across parts of Sussex during the morning rush hour on Tuesday (16 February).

To view the video see:

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February 11th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline
  • A crash has closed the M25 at Junction 2 this morning, and there is a seven mile tailback, so avoid using it for travel this morning.

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February 10th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

GATWICK Airport has just announced the acceleration and expansion of its £2.5 billion investment programme to cope with rapid passenger growth, and has opened discussions with contractors about building a second runway as decision day draws nearer.

Speaking to a group of more than 80 construction leaders and chief executives this morning  Gatwick development director Raymond Melee said Gatwick is rapidly approaching full capacity and investment plans are being brought forward to cope with growing passenger numbers.

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February 9th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

SOUTHERN’S Mainline and Coast Passenger Services Director David Scorey and his team will be at East Grinstead railway station from 7.30am to 9.30am on 25 February to meet commuters and answer their questions.

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February 3rd, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

SOUTHERN is to look at the way it operates its ticket offices, which may result in the closure of some as passengers increasingly buy their tickets online.

A spokesperson for Govia Thameslink Railway said:

“We want to modernise the way we operate approximately 80 of our busier stations across Great Northern, Southern and Thameslink for the benefit of passengers, many of whom now buy their tickets online, or use Oyster, contactless and smartcards.

“Where sales from ticket offices are low, we want to bring staff out from behind the windows and on to the concourse to work where they’re needed most, as Station Hosts, providing assistance and helping sell tickets from ticket machines and their own handheld devices.

“All the affected stations will be staffed for longer as a result – at all but two they would be staffed from the very first train of the day to the very last, seven days a week.

“This will drive other customer benefits – we’ll also be able to increase the opening hours of facilities passengers have told us are important, such as waiting rooms, toilets and lifts.”

“No ticket offices will close immediately: these are proposals which will go through public consultation, be discussed with London TravelWatch and Transport Focus and require approval from the Department for Transport.

“We are also speaking to our trades unions about this. There will be no compulsory redundancies as a result of our plans.”

There are three bands of stations identified:

1.     Stations where we sell fewer than 12 tickets an hour: here we propose to bring staff out from behind the ticket office windows and on to the concourse where they’re needed most, to provide assistance and help sell tickets from ticket machines and their own handheld devices.

2.     Stations where we sell more than 12 tickets an hour but where most passengers still use ticket machines and other ways to pay such as Oyster, contactless and smartcards: here we propose to relocate the ticket selling equipment to a station hosting point so the staff are available on the concourse to provide assistance but still able to sell tickets for longer than ticket offices are currently open.

3.     Stations where we still rely heavily on ticket offices in the peak: here we propose to staff the ticket office window at peak times but we will also position ticket selling equipment at a station hosting point so the staff are available on the concourse.


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January 31st, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

A 21-year-old man was arrested at Gatwick Airport in the early hours of yesterday morning, suspected of an offence under the Terrorism Act.

The man was detained by South East counter-terrorism officers on suspicion of collection of information, but Thames Valley Police say he did not pose a threat to the airport or its passengers at any stage.

He has been released on bail until 5 April.

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January 28th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

THERE are two lanes closed on the M25 anticlockwise at Junction 9 due to a collapsed carriageway.

Police have warned of “immense” delays with a 13.5 mile tailback to Junction 12.

Avoid the area if possible.

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January 26th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

TRANSPORT Police have removed a disruptive passenger from this evening’s 17.13 London Bridge to East Grinstead train after an incident described by fellow traveller Martin Oxley as “armrest rage” caused delays.

Martin said there was “much shouting and swearing” before the commuter was removed by the police, and the journey to East Grinstead was allowed to proceed.

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January 23rd, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

THE decision over whether to expand Gatwick or Heathrow is to be postponed until after the UK’s referendum on Europe.

A decision had originally been promised for the end of 2015, but was shelved until after the London mayoral elections, which will take place in May.

But in a radio interview with LBC this week, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said the government could not be expected to rule on the issue at the same time as they were fighting to keep Britain in the EU.

Instead of announcing a decision in the summer, said Mr McLoughlin, the government will hope to have made “some progress” towards one.

And in the meantime more tests will be carried out in relation to air quality and environmental issues around Gatwick.


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