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March 30th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

EAST Grinstead’s Liz Glenister, volunteer and founder of Hypopara UK, has been named the winner of Britain’s Best Volunteer award. Liz faced stiff competition from hundreds of nominations for volunteers across Britain and reached the final alongside four other remarkable charity workers selected by award judges Judith Miller, Trustee of Small Charities Coalition, Andy Partington, the Director of Markel UK and Vicky Browning, Director of CharityComms.

Liz was named the winner following a close public vote and was presented with a cheque for £1,250 for Hypopara UK, as well as £1,000 in holiday vouchers for her own personal use.

On finding out she had won the Britain’s Best Volunteer award, Liz said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to have won this award which I see as a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness about the rare condition, hypoparathyroidism, and our small but far-reaching charity, Hypopara UK.

“We are raising funds for vital stem cell research at the moment so this prize will really help. Thank you to everyone who voted, to my committee who nominated me and well done to all the finalists who all work so hard and represent such worthy causes.”


Liz, 61, founded Hypopara UK in July 2005 after her experience of living with undiagnosed brittle hypoparathyroidism following surgery for thyroid cancer in 1992.

She was inspired to do something after finding there was little information about hypoparathyroidism (a condition where a diminished concentration of parathyroid hormone causes deficiencies in calcium and phosphorus, leading to muscular spasms and kidney problems) available to those diagnosed with the condition. 

After receiving a £300 start-up loan from the Hypopara Association in the US, she grew the online forum to 200 members in a short space of time and started building a team of highly regarded specialists. 

Since then, Liz has produced numerous information leaflets for health organisations, set up two telephone helplines for sufferers, assisted other hypopara charities around the world (most recently in Australia) and contributed to the BTA Thyroid Cancer guidelines, all whilst raising a family and managing her own hypoparathyroidism condition. 

Aisling Duffy, who nominated Liz alongside Isabel Wray da Silva, said “This charity has changed my life and I owe it all to Liz – without her all Hypoparathyroidism sufferers would still be unaware of the help and information out there.”

Photo top: Liz (right) and her nominator, Isabel. Below – Liz talks about her charity 


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03 Eating as we age
March 30th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline


RCSGENERFOODGUIDE-front coverTHE Mill View care home on Dunnings Road has published Eating as we age, a free guide packed with advice on keeping healthy and hydrated in older age.

Designed to help anyone who experiences problems with eating or drinking, as well as those caring for an older friend or relative, Eating as we age is an easy-to-follow guide which pools the expertise of Care UK’s chefs and the experiences of its care professionals.

The booklet answers the most common questions and concerns people have about the health and wellbeing of their loved ones as they get older, and offers practical tips for nutrition, hydration alongside recipe inspiration.

The guide also addresses specific issues such as how to stimulate diminishing appetites, the best ways of fortifying foods, and supporting people living with dementia to eat well and stay hydrated.

02 Eating as we ageAccording to a survey of 1,000 people with parents over 70, which was recently carried out by Care UK, three in 10 of those in the south east have not seen their loved ones eat a full meal prepared by themselves over the last six months.

The survey also revealed 15 per cent of older people in the south east eat more convenience food than home-cooked food, while over 40 per cent of respondents in the region have noticed their mum or dad eating smaller portions than they used to.  Indeed one in 10 have seen them swapping out meals in favour of a small snack.

Cindy Luscombe, home manager at Mill View, said: “With over 7,000 people living in Care UK care homes across the UK, day-in, day-out we see the importance of a balanced and nutritious diet, with old age and illness often putting a strain on the body.

“We understand how tough it can be for family carers when loved ones’ appetites diminish, and they lose interest in mealtimes; while dementia can also bring with it many challenges.

“However, the smallest of changes can lead to big improvements in the health and wellbeing of older people; and we have collated a family-friendly guide which is full of tried-and-tested tips as well as nutritious recipe ideas, which we hope will make a real difference.

“From the colour of the tablecloth and table settings, to the sights and sounds of the kitchen and dining room; from adding the occasional spoonful of cream and butter to boost the calorie content of every-day foods, to replacing salt with lime juice, the guide provides simple solutions for overcoming common problems around eating well and staying properly hydrated in all weathers.”

“To pick up your free copy of Eating as we age, pop-in to Mill View, or download the guide at  Our doors are always open, and our trained chefs are on hand to talk to people about how they cater for the changing needs and tastes of older people.”



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March 29th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

THE South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SECAmb) has praised the efforts of its staff and volunteers who went the extra mile to respond to patients over the long Easter weekend. Demand across the south east was up 11% compared to Easter 2015 with the Trust’s Emergency Operations Centres receiving more than 9,500 999 calls.

Staff were also extremely busy providing urgent care advice and arranging out-of-hours appointments. Some 2,000 calls originating from NHS111 received an ambulance response – an increase of approximately 2.5% on 2015.

The increase in demand was coupled with the challenges of responding to Storm Katie in the early hours of Monday when staff and volunteers, including dedicated teams of Community First Responders, worked tirelessly to reach patients as quickly as possible.

The Trust remains extremely busy, and with demand up generally on last year, is asking the public for its continued support by remembering that 999 should only be used in an emergency.

Control room staff will triage calls and prioritise life-threatening emergencies. During this period of increased demand calls of a non life-threatening nature are likely to receive a longer response.

The NHS as a whole is also very busy and the Trust is working closely with hospitals across its region to minimise delays when patients are handed over at A&E. It is vital that patients are handed over without delay so that ambulance crews are free to respond to 999 calls out in the community.

SECAmb Paramedic and Regional Operations Manager James Pavey said: “We plan ahead for periods of increased demand and we were aware this weekend was going to be challenging. It’s an understatement to simply say that staff and volunteers have risen to this challenge. We know that they have gone the extra mile to help patients. We’re extremely proud of their continued dedication in the face of this increased demand.

“As we begin a new week, we’re continuing to experience high levels of demand and we are focussing our efforts to responding to our most seriously ill and injured patients. Non life-threatening calls are unfortunately likely to receive a longer response.”

“Anyone faced with an emergency shouldn’t hesitate to call but we would urge anyone else who needs help to consider all the other options available to them. This might be dialling NHS111 for help, where staff can provide support and advice over the phone and refer patient to out-of-hours services where appropriate.”

When to call 999:

If you think a patient is suffering from one of the following you must dial 999 for an ambulance:

  • heart attack (e.g. chest pain for more than 15 minutes)
  • sudden unexplained shortness of breath
  • heavy bleeding
  • unconsciousness (even if the patient has regained consciousness)
  • traumatic back/spinal/neck pain
  • You should also call for an ambulance if: 
  • you think the patient’s illness or injury is life-threatening
  • you think the illness or injury may become worse, or even life-threatening on the way to the hospital
  • moving the patient/s without skilled people could cause further injury
  • the patient needs the skills or equipment of the ambulance service and its personnel
  • traffic conditions could cause a delay in getting the person to hospital and time could be critical


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March 26th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

COPTHORNE pharmacy will be open between 11am and 1pm on Easter Sunday – telephone 01342 717828. Boots pharmacy department at 40-46 London Road will be open between 10am and 4pm on Easter Monday – telephone 01342 323405.

Photo Roy Henderson

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March 25th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

imageSTEVE Morris, who was revived with a defibrillator when he collapsed at the King’s Centre, was filmed for last night’s BBC South East news being reunited with the people who saved his life.

Steve was filmed at East Grinstead ambulance station with paramedics Simon and Kate, and gym instructors Vicki and Rob who brought him back to life with CPR and a defibrillator.

Since his own life was saved, Steve has been campaigning to have defibrillators publicly available 24/7 in the town centre. His fundraising efforts have seen three installed in Queen’s Walk, the High Street and outside the library, and he is currently looking for someone to host a fourth machine at the lower end of London Road near the junction with Railway Approach.

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ambulance 2
March 24th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

THE South East Coast Ambulance service has appealed for public support over the long Easter weekend, reminding people to pick up any repeat prescriptions, keep an eye on elderly or vulnerable family, friends or neighbours and to check medicine cabinets are stocked with any useful and in-date medication.

SECAmb always prepares for busy periods such as Easter and other public holidays and has plans in place to manage an expected increase in demand. However, with call volume already high, it is reminding the public that 999 should only be dialled in a serious emergency.

Last year, between Good Friday and Easter Monday, staff in SECAmb’s Emergency Operations Centres handled more than 10,000 calls across its region.

The NHS 111 service, which SECAmb runs in partnership with Care UK, is also ready to help the public across the extended bank holiday weekend. The service is also expecting high demand having handled approximately 23,000 calls across Easter last year – an average of four calls a minute.

SECAmb Paramedic and Head of Contingency Planning and Resilience, Andy Cashman explains: “We always plan ahead for times when we know demand is likely to be higher and this weekend is no exception. The extended Easter bank holiday typically sees further increases in demand placed upon our resources.

“Our staff in our 999 and 111 control rooms along with our road crews will be working extremely hard to get patients the help they need.

“We’re asking the public for their help by remembering that 999 should be reserved for serious emergencies. If a call isn’t related to something serious or life-threatening it will be categorised as a lower priority call and may receive a longer response or clinical advice over the phone.

“Anyone faced with an emergency shouldn’t hesitate to call but we would urge anyone else who needs help to consider all the other options available to them. This might be dialling NHS 111 for help, where staff can provide support and advice over the phone and refer patient to out-of-hours services where appropriate. Also, while pharmacies may not be operating their usual hours, they too can be a useful place where members of the public can receive expert advice on routine illnesses such as coughs and colds.”

Details of local service providers including pharmacies and medical advice can also be found at the NHS Choices website –

When to call 999:

ÌIf you think a patient is suffering from one of the following you must dial 999 for an ambulance:
heart attack (e.g. chest pain for more than 15 minutes)
sudden unexplained shortness of breath
heavy bleeding
unconsciousness (even if the patient has regained consciousness)
traumatic back/spinal/neck pain

You should also call for an ambulance if:
you think the patient’s illness or injury is life-threatening
you think the illness or injury may become worse, or even life-threatening on the way to the hospital
moving the patient/s without skilled people could cause further injury
the patient needs the skills or equipment of the ambulance service and its personnel
traffic conditions could cause a delay in getting the person to hospital and time could be critical

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March 21st, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

STAFF at Gatwick have chosen St Catherine’s hospice as the airports charity partner for the next two years, and Cancer Research UK as its national charity partner.

St Catherine’s is a charity which provides free end-of-life care for patients with terminal illnesses, treating them either at the hospice in Crawley or in their own homes across the area, including East Grinstead.

It also supports families as they go through the difficult process of losing someone they love.

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March 21st, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

SUE Bolton will be running a free “mindfulness” session at the Copthorne Hub on 5 May. Sue says the regular practice of mindfulness techniques can help people relax, and raise their disposition for happiness.

“Scientists used to believe that people had a set ‘happiness index’ – some people were born with a disposition towards happiness while others were more prone to embracing misery.

“However, recent studies show that with practice, people can elevate their baseline happiness level. The good news is that these practices which raise levels of happiness can be done in just a few minutes per day and don’t cost a penny – all that is needed to gain the benefits is commitment and regularly doing the practice.  One of these practices is mindfulness.”

If you want to see if it is for you, then online is a great place to start, says Sue, who recommends  – but if you prefer to find out more in person, then go along to her free introduction.

  • Sue Bolton BSc MSc is running a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course locally beginning with a free introduction on Thursday 5 May at the Copthorne Hub, Church Road, Copthorne RH10 3RD.  For more information  email or see

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March 21st, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

unspecified-2WITH just a fortnight to go, two East Grinstead men are doing their final training for St Catherine’s hospice’s first-ever overseas challenge, the Vietnam Trek. 

Hiking through beautiful countryside in Northern Vietnam, Philip and Kieran hope their 15-strong team will raise £50,000 for the hospice.

For every day they walk, they’ll be paying for five hours of Community Care, allowing a patient to be looked after in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home.

Kieran isn’t only a painter, decorator and part-time DJ – he’s also an  experienced runner, and with five Marathons under his belt the St Catherine’s team is confident he will prove more than ready to tackle the Vietnam Challenge.

“I cannot wait for the challenge, it’s for a great cause,” said Kieran. “I’ve always wanted to do something like this and I’m really looking forward to it.”

While company director Philip is a big outdoor sports fan, and can often be found skiing in the Alps or cheering on the football team he manages in his spare time.

This won’t be his first trip to Vietnam so hopefully he can lead the Hanoi Hikers in their trek, said a spokesman for the hospice.

 “I’ve been to parts of Vietnam before, and fell in love with it,” said Phillip. “I love being active and I’m looking forward to this trip because of the challenge and adventures ahead.”

While Heather, who works for St Catherine’s HR team says she is doing it because she knows firsthand the valuable work done by the hospice.

All the funds are going to make such a difference when they reach the hospice. When I’m knee deep in the jungle with leeches in my trousers and 200 mosquito bites, having not showered for days, I’ll be smiling, thinking about what an honour it is to be able to help such a fantastic cause.”


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Geurnsey v EGTFC
March 19th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

EASTER Monday will see the town club square up against Guernsey at East Court as they fight to avoid relegation in the Ryman South League.

It’s a vital clash for the club – and it will be a very special day too for 13-year-old fan Archie Clark.

Archie, who has autism, has lived in East Grinstead since he was born but the match has extra significance as his Uncle Tony is the manager of the Guernsey team, and Archie will be guest of honour at the match.

“Living with a child with a disability in East Grinstead has many advantages but sadly some disadvantages,” said Archie’s mum Amanda who is originally from Guernsey.

“Every day of our family life is affected by autism. Archie can get overwhelmed in crowded, noisy places and unfamiliar situations, and he finds waiting in queues for too long very demanding.

“We have to plan our days carefully, give Archie plenty of notice about what we are doing and have back-up plans in case he can’t cope, but living in a small town like East Grinstead helps enormously.

“Local shops and businesses know Archie well and can be very understanding when he finds a situation difficult to cope with. All parents will know how tricky it is to take any child for a haircut or buy new shoes, so add autism into the mix and life gets very challenging and unpredictable.

“The local barbers are great with Archie – he has often been allowed to jump the queue and they usually have lollipops at the ready to allow them to cut his hair!

“Archie has boundless energy and in many ways is like any other 13-year-old. He loves the trampoline, playing on his scooter and long muddy walks on the forest. He can often been seen on his tandem with his Dad – he can ride a bike but has no concept of the dangers of the road. This poses more challenges for the family as they exhaust themselves, exhausting him.

“Sadly, Archie can’t join the local football or hockey club as he wouldn’t cope with the social communication side.

“This is where the Springboard Project comes in. They provide short breaks for the children with a range of special needs who live in the East Grinstead area at Springboard House, Crawley or trips out to places of interest like farms, the beach or theme parks. They rely on an army of volunteers to help supervise their charges with varying disabilities.

“Archie loves going to Springboard and the breaks they provide for us are a lifeline, providing respite for siblings not just the parents.

“I can have some me time but also, as our daughter was growing up, we were able to go on normal family outings like to the cinema or to London without fear of Archie spoiling it for her.”

To find out more about the charity or to make a donation go to:

To support the town team and cheer them to victory go along to the GAC Stadium at East Court on Easter Monday, 28 March – kick off is 3pm.


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March 18th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

FROM Saturday 19 March, the QVH minor injuries unit will be open seven days a week from 8am until 7.30pm. This is a change from the usual opening times of 8am to 10pm and is due to a temporary shortage of staff caused by unplanned and unpreventable staff absences.

QVH has tried to address the shortage with agency staff. However, the roles required – emergency care practitioners and emergency nurse practitioners – are highly specialised and there is a national shortage. None are currently available through agencies.

QVH expects the MIU staffing situation to return to normal by July at the latest. In the meantime, the hospital will continue trying to find additional staff and will keep the situation under weekly review.

QVH director of nursing Jo Thomas said: “Patient safety and care quality are our most important concerns. Reluctantly, we’ve made the decision to reduce our hours slightly to ensure that we can maintain the very high standards of care that people expect of us until we return to a full complement of staff. We know this is an important service that local people value and we continue to provide nearly 12 hours of cover, every day, seven days a week.”

The QVH MIU is usually at its busiest first thing in the morning and in the middle of the day.
The MIU can diagnose and treat a wide range of minor injuries and ailments including:

•       Minor head injuries with no loss of consciousness

•       Minor burns and scalds

•       Limb injuries, cuts and grazes

•       Eye infections and minor eye problems

•       Bites, stings and skin infections

•       Ear and throat infections

For urgent medical advice 24/7, call NHS 111. The team of highly trained advisers and healthcare professionals will be able to assess your symptoms and direct you to the best medical care. Calls are free from landlines and mobile phones.

For immediate, life-threatening emergencies, call 999.

A&E departments are available at:

·      East Surrey Hospital in Redhill

·      Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath

·      Tunbridge Wells Hospital at Pembury

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2014-08-17 17.56.06
March 17th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

RESIDENTS affected by dementia can download or pick up new leaflets to find out essential information that could help them, such as local social clubs and emotional support.

Dementia affects 14,000 West Sussex residents and around 850,000 people in the UK.

The leaflets can be downloaded from here, or are available to pick up from:

  • GP surgeries
  • Libraries
  • Citizens Advice
  • West Sussex County Council offices

Peter Catchpole, West Sussex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health, said: “Dementia affects the everyday life of the person who has it, as well as their family and carers. We want to make it as easy as we can for people to find the support they need to help them live as independent a life as possible.

“Being diagnosed with dementia shouldn’t mean the end of someone’s social life. In fact we know that it is important to remain active so we hope this new leaflet will give people a central directory of where they can find information and support.”

For further information and advice about dementia visit the West Sussex Connect to Support website here.

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March 17th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

CHARTERS Court, a residential and nursing care home in Felcourt Road, has been officially opened by MP for East Surrey Sam Gyimah.

Situated next to Charters Village, an independent retirement village, Charters Court opened its doors last year but specially invited guests, representatives from the local business community and residents attended an official plaque unveiling on Friday.

The home, which received a ‘good’ Care Quality Commission report in January, has 60 registered beds split into suites, each with its own wing and staffed by teams of carers, nurses and support staff.

“We live in a place that is 95% green belt and we have to be careful of what we build. This is the sort of tasteful addition we need. We do need positive care-orientated development providing it is done in the right way,” Mr Gyimah told guests.

“This facility is very impressive and I am particularly drawn to the dementia suite. Research shows that all of us, at some stage in our lives, will know someone who suffers with dementia. It is up to us as a community to help support these people.

“I also welcome the nursing aspect of this home; it is very much at the forefront of the offering here and should be applauded.”

Mr Gyimah unveiled a plaque and was given a guided tour of both Charters Court and the independent living retirement village next door.

Photo top: East Surrey MP Sam Gyimah is pictured with Retirement Villages’ Executive Chairman Nigel Welby at the official opening of Charters Court



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March 17th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

THE  East Grinstead Cotton Club raised over £300 at a vintage tea party held last weekend in support of The Eve Appeal, the only national gynaecological cancer research charity in the UK funding world-class research to save women’s lives.

The tea party took place as part of the charity’s Make Time for Tea campaign during ovarian cancer awareness month.

In the UK, 7,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year and of those 4,300 will die.

The Eve Appeal aims to change this by funding research into risk prediction and early detection of the illness as well as by raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer.

One of the reasons that survival rates are low is that ovarian cancer is often not diagnosed until it is already at an advanced stage.

There is currently no NHS screening programme for ovarian cancer and the signs and symptoms can sometimes be missed or mistaken for more common conditions. It is important that women get to know the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer so that they seek help as soon as possible because if the cancer is detected early survival outcomes are good.

The key signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer include persistent abdominal pain; bloating that doesn’t go away; feeling full quickly after eating; and needing to pass urine frequently. If women are experiencing any of these symptoms they should see their GP to get checked out.

Athena Lamnisos, Chief Executive of The Eve Appeal said “We are really grateful to the East Grinstead Cotton Club for this superb support – events like this are so important in raising awareness of gynaecological cancers whilst also raising vital funds for our important research”.

At Cotton Club anyone from children to adults, absolute beginners to experienced sewers, can come along to evening and weekend courses and learn to sew, developing lifelong confidence to create with fabrics and thread.

The classes are an opportunity to get together in a relaxed friendly environment. Further information about the Cotton Club can be found at


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March 15th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

WEST Sussex County Council is supporting Safer Sleep Week by giving advice to parents, grandparents and carersimage.

Safer Sleep Week is aimed at making sure people know the importance of safer sleep practices and are aware of how to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which claims around 290 little lives each year in the UK.

Safer sleeping advice:

Always place baby on their back
Keep baby smoke free during pregnancy and after they are born
Place baby in a separate cot or Moses basket in the same room as you for six months
Breastfeed your baby if you can
Use a firm, flat waterproof mattress in good condition
Never sleep in a sofa or in an armchair with your baby
Don’t sleep in the same bed as your baby if you smoke, drink or take drugs or if your baby was premature or a low birth weight
Avoid letting your baby get too hot
Don’t cover your baby’s head while sleeping or use loose bedding

Visit the Lullaby Trust website for more information or contact Faye Rogers:, 0330 222 5893.

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March 14th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline
THE East Grinstead Meridian Rotary Club raised more than more than £600 for the Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal with their street collection in the town on 5 March.
It was the third time the group had collected on behalf of the charity which provides nursing care for people with terminal illness in our local community, and the collection brought the total they have now raised to more than £2,000.


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Make Ready 23 (1)
March 13th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

THE South East Coast Ambulance Service has won three categories at the Fleet News Awards – Fleet of the Year (251 to 1000 vehicles), Green Fleet of the Year and Fleet Manager of the Year where SECAmb’s Justin Wand scooped the top award.

It was also Highly Commended in the Safe Fleet and Most Improved Fleet categories.

About 1,500 attended the ceremony in which the SECAmb fleet team, which has been on a modernisation programme in recent years, was directly competing with commercial organisations.

SECAmb’s Head of Fleet and Logistics Justin Wand said: “This recognition is a great achievement for the Trust and demonstrates the hard work the team has put in in recent years.

Make Ready garage2“The Fleet team plays a crucial role in ensuring the service is able to respond reliably and sustainably to our patients.

“I am immensely proud of all the team whose hard work is delivered day in day out and which contributes directly to patient care. I would also like to add that my personal recognition is only possible because of my own team and wider Trust support.”

* South East Coast Ambulance Service was formed on 1 July 2006, following the merger of Kent, Surrey and Sussex ambulance trusts and is one of 10 ambulance services operating in England.

It covers an area of 3,600 square miles and a resident population of 4.5 million across East and West Sussex, Brighton & Hove, Kent and Medway and Surrey. It employs more than 3,000 staff across 60 sites, more than half of whom are paramedics and ambulance technicians.


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March 13th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

THIS year’s London to Brighton Bike Ride, which takes a route through Turners Hill, will take place on 19 June.

The annual event, which attracts thousands of cyclists, raises money for the British Heart Foundation.

Registration to take part is now open with adult entry at £40, under 18s £35.

You can also take on the ride as a team. Join as a team leader and the BHF will send you an email with all the information on signing up other team members.

Riders aged 14 – 17  will need to have the consent of a parent or guardian to take part in the bike ride. A consent form will be sent to you when you’ve registered.

All riders are asked to pledge a minimum of £200 sponsorship for the London to Brighton Bike Ride which helps researchers to make more discoveries.

Entry includes:
a Welcome Pack with a ride guide, fundraising ideas and information about the event
training guidance
fundraising support
medical support
mechanical support
water available at the start, en route and at the finish

If you would like more information on the London to Brighton Bike Ride, get in touch, Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm

Telephone: 0300 456 8355

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March 12th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

THERE’S a street collection in East Grinstead today, towards the cost of keeping the Kent, Surrey and Sussex ambulance service in the air.

The KSS Air Ambulance Trust is a registered charity dating back to 1989 and exists to relieve sick and injured people in South East England  by providing a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) for the benefit of the community.

Responding to 999 calls and operating from Marden in Kent and Redhill in Surrey, helicopters fly at speeds of up to 150mph and between them can reach any part of Kent, Surrey or Sussex in under 25 minutes flying time.

Their highly skilled teams of Specialist Doctors and Critical Care Paramedics effectively bring the equivalent of an A&E department to the scene of an incident, and they can transport patients to the most appropriate specialist unit or nearest major hospital in a fraction of the time taken by land ambulance.

But the Air Ambulance relies almost entirely upon donations to keep the service going.

The Air Ambulance has attended over 25,000 incidents and continues to be available to every person living, working and travelling through our counties, should they ever need it.

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March 12th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

THE East Grinstead Cotton Club, a town sewing group, is holding a vintage tea party today to raise funds for The Eve Appeal, the only national gynaecological cancer research charity in the UK funding world-class research to save women’s lives.

The tea party is being held between 2.30pm and 4.30pm at the Jubilee Community Centre in Charlwoods Road as part of the charity’s Make Time for Tea campaign in support of ovarian cancer awareness month.

Cotton Club member and Eve Appeal trustee, Jenny Leonard, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when in her thirties.

This devastating news came as a terrible shock but after excellent treatment and care Jenny has gone on to lead a healthy and fulfilling life because her cancer was diagnosed early.

Sadly, many women do not survive and of 7000 women diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year 4200 will die. The Eve Appeal aims to change this.

Athena Lamnisos, Chief Executive of The Eve Appeal said “We are really grateful to the East Grinstead Cotton Club for this superb support – events like this are so important in raising awareness of gynaecological cancers whilst also raising vital funds for our important research.”

This year Vogue magazine has donated vintage apron patterns to the Make Time for Tea campaign so the Cotton Club ladies have had great fun making vintage ‘pinnies’ to wear at the tea party.

As well as selling tea and delicious homemade cakes there will be a raffle with great prizes and a display of Cotton Club creations – so why not go along and lend your support to this event?

For further information about the tea party contact Jenny Leonard on 07771 664659 or email the Cotton Club at

If you would like to organise your own Make Time for Tea party please contact the tea team on 020 7605 0100 or

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March 11th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

www.tinybudgetcookingLIMAHL Asmall has produced a new, free cookbook full of delicious recipes, which he hopes will help anyone feeling the financial pinch to eat well on a very tight budget.

Limahl, who grew up in Forest Row, says his recipes are dedicated to the 13 million people living on a low income and facing food poverty in the UK – but can be used by anyone.

A self-confessed ‘foodie’, Limahl was inspired to look for ways of making great-tasting, nutritious meals when he was setting up his own business, and money was very tight.

“Food is my passion,” he said, “so I had to find a way to feed myself which meant I could eat well and stay healthy on a tiny budget.”

Limahl and his French girlfriend Tiph Cheveau love to cook together, and he has now put together 67 of their favourite big-flavour, low-cost recipes which he wants to share with anyone who would like a copy.

“I am not advocating a race to the bottom, or seeing how cheaply you can eat for the sake of it,” he said. “But I am saying that if you find yourself in the position of not having much money to spend on food, you can still make really delicious meals without spending a lot.”

Limahstatic1.squarespacel’s cook book is full of tips about how to shop well for less, how to swap ingredients for others if there is something you don’t like or don’t have in the larder, and how to put a meal together using what you actually do have in the fridge or larder, rather than fretting about what you don’t.

And if you follow his tips Limahl says, it is perfectly possible to get by for breakfast, lunch and dinner, on just £16 a week.

“Every worthwhile project needs to fulfil a real world need,” he said, “and by sharing the cookbook we’re taking important steps towards reducing food poverty.”

To find out more go to: And for some great recipes and shopping tips see Limahl’s blog:


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March 11th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

St Catherine’s Hospice is looking for East Grinstead residents to hold a bucket for an hour or two in support of their street collections.

The hospice is looking for people to help on Saturday 14  May, and Friday 1 July

Collecting just £56 would enable a patient to benefit from an hour’s physiotherapy or occupational therapy to help support them to maintain their mobility and an independent lifestyle: £48 would fund an hour-long visit to a patient in their home by the St Catherine’s community team, meaning they benefit from specialised end of life care in the comfort and familiarity of their own home: and collecting just £35 would cover the cost of a counselling session for a bereaved relative.

Many people think a hospice is a place where you spend your final moments, but at St Catherine’s the focus is on helping people make the most of the time they have left, however long that may be.

Offering practical and emotional support, the care St Catherine’s provides is free to patients and their families but every day it costs over £17,000 to provide this care across the area.

By volunteering your time at a street collection, you’ll be helping to raise vital funds to ensure more people can benefit from St Catherine’s care. There can be no better reason to grab a bucket!

For more information or to volunteer for a street collection please visit:, email or call Frankie Goodall in the Community Fundraising Team on 01293 447361.


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March 10th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

MID Sussex District Council has published its latest schedule of Healthy Walks which will be taking place across the district in the coming months. The walks are all graded for difficulty and take place at different times and venues to suit everyone from first timers to experienced hikers.

So if you fancy taking a hike go to: for all the details you need.


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March 9th, 2016 by eastgrinsteadonline

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