Mums deliver clothes for refugees


A group of local mums – Lisa Maria Sproule, Clemency Scarf Beckett, Rosie Fraser, Tally Bhangu, Julia Nye and Danni Beach – who have been raising funds and collecting clothes to help refugees fleeing war-torn Syria, have now delivered them to a warehouse in Pembury.

They have also set up a new facebook page EG to the Refugees where people can keep in touch with their latest news and make further donations.

Spokesman Tally said “Since WW2, there have never been more refugees fleeing war then there are now. Much of Syria, a previously fairly westernised country, has been reduced to rubble and helping these families to stay alive has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with humanity.

“In response to the highly-worrying conditions many families have had to endure in Idomeni Greece recently, where refugees were stopped from crossing the Macedonian border, we put out an appeal to friends and also to the EG Mums Facebook group.

“And we were absolutely overwhelmed by the response we received. We knew we lived in a generous, caring town, but had no idea we would get such a response and donations are still coming in days later.”

The clothes donations are now with the Refugease warehouse in Pembury, and these will be shipped to Lesbos in the next couple of weeks.  The group is also collecting clothes and food for refugees in Northern France.

“We would like to thank all the amazing local mums of the EG Mums group who helped with donations and also to our friends. Here is one of the ways of donating to help:

“Our country has always been a safe haven for those seeking succour in such times, demonstrated so well in the 30s/40s during WW2. We are trying to uphold this tradition.”

Photo: Leilana Mitchell at the collection centre in Pembury

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