Shy Conker needs a home


CONKER is a quiet baby bunny, who is not quite as bold as his brothers. He is only eight months old and friendly, although he appreciates being approached quietly, said a spokesman for the RSPCA at South Godstone.

“He is easy to handle, so could live with any age children as long as he is treated gently and given time to settle in a quiet space.

“We would like to find a friend for Conker to live with, so he would like to meet a neutered female with a similar temperament to his own. Gradual introductions will help them to become friends, without feeling overwhelmed.

“Conker might be small, but he will need room to grow and explore, so a large hutch and an outside run would be ideal. Conker enjoys different foods, so a variety of fruit, veg and herbs every day will help keep him entertained and healthy.”

If you can offer Conker a home, contact the South Godstone Animal Centre on the A22:

Telephone: 0300 123 0741


Opening hours:

11.30am to 4pm every day, except Wednesday.

March 30th, 2016 by