Imberhorne Lane to be developed?


WELBECK Land has submitted proposals to Mid Sussex District Council to develop land to the west of Imberhorne Lane with more than 500 homes, a country park, a new school and a community hub.

The area is not allocated in the Neighbourhood Plan, however the Plan does allocate land at Imberhorne Lower School (Years 7-9) for residential development of approximately 200 homes.

The Plan also identifies the strategic proposals of West Sussex County Council to consolidate the two Imberhorne School campuses resulting in the closure of the Lower School site and its development for housing.

Welbeck Land’s proposals, which have been submitted as part of this process, include the expansion of Imberhorne School, a new primary school, up to 550 homes, a country park, a care village and a new neighbourhood centre.

Welbeck said “The proposed Country Park can serve the community by increasing convenient public access to the countryside in the long term. It takes the land out of private ownership and guarantees that it stays in the hands of the community.

“We have proposed 15.2 hectares of residential land, which would usually require 10.56 hectares of public open green space.The Country Park we have proposed would be 16 hectares in size (approximately the same size as 13 cricket fields) and would provide convenient access to the wider countryside too.”

Welbeck says the neighbourhood centre proposed for the residential development would also reduce the environmental impact of the scheme,

“It’s common sense to ensure that we encourage residents to avoid travel outside the development (in so far as is reasonable) for primary and secondary schools, recreational space and shops.”This keeps additional car journeys to a minimum and promotes healthy transport options such as walking and cycling. We have proposed a neighbourhood centre at the heart of the development, close to both schools which would also serve the community by providing a convenience store and village hall.

There is provision too for two hectares of land for a village which would help to provide care and independence for residents in old age.

To find out more about the proposals, which have not yet been submitted to the planning procedure, go to: 

where there is an opportunity to leave feedback on the scheme.

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