Clerical error leaves councillor driving without insurance


Above: Ken is concerned other drivers may be unaware their insurance has been cancelled

CRAWLEY Down councillor Kenneth Harwood has urged anyone insured with More Than to check that their car insurance renewal has gone through.

Ken received notice in December that his insurance was up for renewal on 10 January, and that no further action was required from him if he agreed to the renewal premium.

However he made a note of the date, and on 9 January rang More Than to check it was indeed in hand when he was assured his renewal was going through, and that the money would be withdrawn from his account on 10 January.

Satisfied he was covered, Ken says he “put the whole thing away” – only to hear from the company almost three weeks later that his renewal payment had been “unsuccessful” and so they had cancelled his policy from its renewal date without telling him.

Apparently his financial data – and that of many other More Than customers – had been lost, leaving him unaware that he had been driving without insurance for most of January.

The company said that in the circumstances, as the mistake was their own, they would have indemnified Ken for any insurance claim he might have made had he had an accident in the intervening period.

But he is concerned that other drivers may also be on the road quite unaware that their cover has also been cancelled.

February 2nd, 2016 by