Scientology advertises on Channel 4

unnamed-7unnamedSCIENTOLOGY, the controversial organisation founded by science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard, is currently advertising on Channel 4.

A 30 second spot which appeared in the ad break for Deal or No Deal this afternoon, featured claims that Scientology is responsible for alerting millions to the dangers of illegal drug use, and has helped the victims of natural disasters.

However the organisation, which has its UK headquarters at Saint Hill,  was heavily criticised in the recent documentary film Going Clear – the Prison of Belief,  which took an in-depth look at its inner workings, and included allegations of punishment regimes and members who sign billion year contracts.

Despite claiming ten million adherents world-wide, membership of Scientology appears to be waning, with many high profile exits by former executives.

Just 2,418 people in England and Wales admitted membership in the 2011 UK census.

This figure compared to the 176,632 people claiming to be Jedi, Druids (4,189), Zoroastrians (4,105) and Rastafarians (7,906).


June 22nd, 2015 by