Old Plaw Hatch Farm celebrates awards with a unique lunch

Johannes, Nir, Robin and Tali (Photo taken by Jason Eichner)The All Plaw Hatch Sandwich (photo taken by Jason Eichner)OLD Plaw Hatch Farm celebrated the start of British Cheese Week and their success at the British Cheese Awards by inviting the local community to join staff for a unique sandwich made entirely with ingredients produced on the farm, followed by a guided tour to see where and how the ingredients were produced.

Sandwiches, scones and drinks were served in the courtyard amongst freshly picked flowers from the garden.

It was an opportunity for the community and farmers to meet, and for people to ask questions about how the food they eat is produced.

With the news that Old Plaw Hatch Farm had just won a Gold award for its Mild Cheddar and Bronze awards for its Vintage Cheddar and Halloumi at the prestigious British Cheese Awards, many people were eager to try these in their sandwiches.

It is a rare thing to have a lunch produced entirely from a single farm, but the sandwich was served by Johannes, the arable farmer who grew the wheat for the bread, Nir who grew the salad, Robin the herdsman who milked the cows that produced the milk and Tali who turned it into cheese and butter.

The farmers explained how these ingredients were produced on a guided tour which included the garden, the wheat fields and pastures, the dairy and cheese ‘cave’, and the milking parlour.

Old Plaw Hatch Farm is a biodynamic and organic farm, producing a diverse range of foods including eggs, fruit and vegetables, raw milk, cream, kefir, cheeses, yoghurts, meat, wool and flour.

It is owned by a cooperative consisting of members of the local community. The farm aims to facilitate connecting people with their food and, being a community farm, welcomes visitors to walk around and see the animals and the garden, watch the milking or just enjoy the landscape.

“We’re delighted to have won some awards,” said cheesemaker Tali Eichner.

“It was the first time we had entered our produce and we didn’t really know what to expect. Our cheese is only sold locally, so it’s great to see it on the national stage.

“I really enjoyed getting the chance to sit down with members of our local community and seeing people engaging with their food and asking questions. We are really lucky to have such a supportive community around us.” Robin Hall, herdsman.

“It was a wonderful atmosphere and very satisfying to see our freshly picked salad put into sandwiches with a sprinkle of spring onions,”  said gardener Nir Halfon.

Photos Jason Eichner

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