Coop has its sights set on a second village pub

YuFkDjHuJKzzCGh-800x450-noPadVILLAGERS in Lingfield are petitioning to save The Old Cage pub from being turned into a Coop convenience store.

Steve Parkinson, who started the petition, said he is determined to save the pub which is “at the heart of the village community”.

“It’s a Grade II Listed building that dates back to 1592 and it deserves a better fate than becoming a convenience store,” he said, urging residents to fight the plan.

And other villagers agree with him.

B9ApZ4WIMAA878cLes Boniface called it “a fabulous building”, and James Duggan said there was simply no need to turn Lingfield’s oldest public house into another convenience store.

Amanda Martin called The Old Cage a village “institution”.

The fight to save The Old Cage as a public house parallels that of villagers in Crawley Down who are also trying to save their only pub, The Royal Oak (right), from the hands of the Coop.

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