Homebound commuters stuck on train for two hours


Frustrated commuter Eddie Vermeer took his complaints about Southern’s service to the Minister for Rail in January and was interviewed at the town station by the BBC

ANGRY passengers were left in the cold and dark for two hours last night on a train which ground to a halt outside East Grinstead station.

Unable to predict when their ordeal would end, they took to phone and twitter to complain that they were going nowhere fast.

Simon Jacobs was among those stuck, and phoned his wife to hold dinner indefinitely while they waited for something to happen.

The driver apparently left the train to walk up the track while passengers, who were left literally and figuratively in the dark, vented their frustration on twitter.

Graeme Bateman said compensation would not reconcile him to his “ruined evening”, and Chloe Larsson made the tired point that having got her to work late two days running, Southern were seemingly unable to help her get home either.

While another passenger reported that his daughter’s trip back from Berlin had been quicker than the journey time from London to East Grinstead.

When the train did eventually get moving it went backwards to Lingfield, where passengers had to alight and make their own arrangements for getting home.

Meanwhile Simon Jacobs wife Philippa, who drove to Lingfield to collect him, reported to us that his toad-in-the-hole supper had been “ruined”.

Photo © Adrian Harms

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