From family store, to derelict shop…

10945773_624832500977119_1027123215346027459_nThe old Wool Shop in Green Hedges AvenueMORTIMER’S Stores in Green Hedges Avenue was bought in the 1930s by the great grandparents of Angie Kenward, who shared this family photograph on the Memories of East Grinstead facebook page.

The girl in the doorway was Edie Power who lived nearby.
The shop later became the Wool Shop, but fell into dereliction, and was the subject of a forced sale by Mid Sussex District Council last year in line with action taken by other local authorities to recover costs and bring empty homes back into use.

The sale was deemed necessary for the Council to recover expenses incurred in securing the derelict property using the Law of Property Act 1925.

Chairman of EGTC Planning, Cllr Bob Mainstone, said at the time of the sale: “I can remember when the old Wool Shop was up and running selling knitting wool and similar products but it has been empty and decaying for years. And before that it was a little sweet shop with the family living above. It is a sad ending but now it will become living accommodation close to the town centre.”

“Over the past 12 years the Council has pursued numerous enforcement actions and recently the Empty Homes Officer identified the old shop as a property to be brought back into use, to prevent it being blight to the neighbourhood.

“The old shop was considered a danger to public health as the floors were rotten and someone gaining unauthorised entry would have fallen through to the cellar. Mid Sussex gave notice under the law to undertake the security works themselves when the owner failed to do so at the cost of £4,169. I understand the Council will be able to recover these costs and other expenses in dealing with the sale.”

Mid Sussex District Council will have to hold the proceeds of the sale for a period of six years, and it is open to any person to prove a legitimate entitlement to the property and to receive the proceeds of the sale.

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