Bank holiday ramble? Go and see the Brambletye ruins…

TWHBrambletyeHouseInteriorTHE ruins of Brambletye House – which stand on private land in Brambletye Lane in Forest Row – are the remains of a mansion built by in 1631 for the East Grinstead MP Sir Henry Compton in the reign on James 1.

It was bought from Sir Henry by Sir James Richards who was accused of treason and fled to Spain in 1683. The stately home subsequently fell into disrepair and today all that is left are three towers, each three storeys high, and unattached to each other.

The West tower is topped by a cupola, the centre one – which was the old entrance porch with rooms above it – has the date 1631 carved into a lozenge above the second floor window, and the East tower is plain with a single window on each floor.279-1

The history of the mansion has been muddied over the years by its inclusion in a fictionalised novel about the Comptons by Horace Smith called Brambletye House – Cavaliers and Roundheads.

But comic writer and artist Garen Ewing, whose work we featured in East Grinstead Online yesterday, has also taken inspiration from the building, which exudes an air of mystery and romance glimpsed through trees on the south side of the Forest Way, about half a mile from its intersection with the A22 at Forest Row.

To see Garen’s collection of images of Brambletye House over the past four centuries, and read a full account of its history, go to:

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